You probably heard that Evil Fat Kirk from the “Mirror, Mirror” universe unveiled the new Space Force logo today, and you’ve likely noticed that it looks somewhat — let’s just say “familiar.”


Hmm, might those “military leaders” be Admiral Kirk and Captain Spock? Because that’s a fucking Star Trek logo, dude.

Trump really wants a starship named after him in a few hundred years, doesn’t he? Too bad he’d never fit through a wormhole, or we could send him to the 23rd century now. I doubt anyone would object. (Other than every Vulcan, Klingon, Romulan, and Andorian in the universe, that is.)

Anyway, top internet wag George Takei (i.e., Mr. Sulu from Star Trek: The Original Series) had some thoughts:



As did Commander Riker, aka Jonathan Frakes:


It just goes to show Trump can ruin anything. Even classic television.

Let’s hope the salt-sucking monster from The Man Trap episode doesn’t attach itself to Trump’s face, because the poor thing would never recover. Imagine having Trump salts coursing through your alien veins for the rest of your life. What an awful thought. 

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