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George Stephanopoulos embarrasses Republican Senator spinning another voter fraud lie with reality.

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George Stephanopoulos embarrasses Republican Senator spinning another voter fraud lie with reality.

Senator Mike Braun (R-IN) attempted to slide another voter fraud lie on national TV, among others. George Stephanopoulos did not allow him to get away with it.

George Stephanopoulos nipped Senator’s voter fraud lie

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George Stephanopoulos came prepared to handle the misinformation and lies he knew he was sure to encounter from any Republican that appearing on his program. This means Senator Mike Braun (R-IN) could not sneak in lies that gave the president’s voter fraud lie any plausibility.

“There have been more than 55 lawsuits brought forward by the president and his allies,” Stephanopoulos said. “Thirty-eight have been dismissed by judges. There have been investigations directed by the Justice Department, by the attorney general. And the attorney general came back and said there’s no evidence of widespread fraud. So the process has played out, hasn’t it? And there’s no evidence of widespread fraud. Why can’t you accept the results?”

And then the lying and misinformation began.

“I think it’s easy to say it’s played out because that might be the most convenient thing to say,” Braun said. “But let’s look at what the secretary of state did not mention in Georgia, you know, the video where, after a counting place closed, you see boxes of ballots coming out from underneath the table. I know that’s, kind of, a graphic example, but…”

Stephanopoulos was ready.

“Well, I have to stop you right there,” Stephanopoulos interjected. “No, that — it wasn’t mentioned because it didn’t show anything improper. He’s spoken to that this week. They — that was exactly the proper process for counting the ballots. There wasn’t anything wrong shown in that video at all. So you’re just throwing out a claim out there that doesn’t prove what you’re saying.”

This what being prepared is all about. That is what doing the job of a competent journalist is all about. One must be prepared for the expected lies and counter them immediately, truthfully, and effectively.

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