George Conway: 'Amazing how [Trump] still finds new ways to demonstrate his incompetence'

Oh, I think there are as-yet-undiscovered mother lodes of stupidity lying dormant in the folds of Trump’s “brain,” but you have a point, George. It’s astonishing how creatively incompetent he is.

Yesterday, when asked if she’d be excited about visiting the pr*sident’s malodorous lair should her team win the World Cup, U.S. soccer star Megan Rapinoe said, “I’m not going to the fucking White House.”

And because he’s at least as concerned about athletes’ and celebrities’ assaults on our country (which he equates with himself, natch) as he is with Iran’s and China’s shenanigans, he couldn’t stop himself from responding. Because, you know, he has the impulse control of a Hardee’s grease fire. And in his haste to discredit the random person who said that thing about him, he tagged the wrong Megan Rapinoe.

So, naturally, Kellyanne Conway’s much better half felt compelled to chime in.


No, of course not. Nor would you hire him for any job, no matter how simple it was. He’d start stealing shit before noon on his first day.

I mean, our pr*sident is basically the Free Republic poster that all the other Freepers make fun of.

And yet he sits in the White House. Somehow.

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