I’ve long since realized there’s no point in fighting Trump supporters online. It’s sort of like playing tetherball with your dog. You’ll win every round, but your dog will think he’s winning and will never, ever, ever give up.

But it can still be entertaining to watch Trumpies flounder about, especially when the guy slapping them down is a four-star general.

So while anyone with eyes connected to her brain could see that Donald Trump was, once again, a Brobdingnagian embarrassment and a national disgrace this weekend, Trumpies were, once again, constitutionally incapable of seeing it.

Enter Gen. Michael Hayden, a former director of both the National Security Agency and the CIA.

A coupla Trump fans had the temerity to take him on on Twitter and, needless to say, he wasn’t having it.


Really? That’s his excuse? He might catch a cold? Well, “low-stamina” Hillary Clinton is nearly as old as Trump is, and you can bet your ass she would have stood out in the rain to honor our country.

But Hayden wasn’t done. And he wasn’t about to mince words either.


Off the scale dishonoring the office? I’d say DJT has long since broken the scale. He’s buried the needle in the soft spot on poor Lindsey Graham’s head.

But, hey, keep pretending, Trumpaloompas.

Thank you, Gen. Hayden, for stating the obvious. Apparently, it still needs to be said.