Galveston Police officer on horse pulls a black man on a leash

The Trump Effect visits Galveston Texas. I got a Facebook message that said a kid took a picture of a black man that was being pulled by an officer on a horse with a leash.

It does not matter if the black man in the photograph is a criminal — he was a trespasser. The depiction of his interface with police officers is unforgivable and deserving of much more than a simple reprimand. These officers should be fired.

I called the Galveston Police Department and after awaiting a callback for some time, they sent me a press release. Among some of the gibberish they sent me in the press release, they claim the rope was not a leash. Of course, it was a rope connected to his handcuffs — effectively a leash. Even the terrorist who killed 22 people in El Paso was escorted to the police car humanely.

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  • August 6, 2019