GA-SoS: Stop Voter Suppression In Georgia, Sign Up To Make Calls To GOTV For John Barrow (D)

Received this e-mail today from the People For The American Way in support of John Barrow’s (D. GA) campaign for Secretary of State:

Our virtual phone banking is now open! Call today and/or tomorrow to reach Georgia voters about the importance of turning out to elect Democrat John Barrow this Tuesday. The right to vote is at stake! (More below.)

Stacey Abrams might have lost the governor’s race, but that doesn’t mean we can stop fighting for fair Georgia elections! Democrat John Barrow is now in a special runoff election for secretary of state, and if he wins he will fight against the kind of voter suppression that led to Abrams’ defeat. To help out this candidate and restore balanced elections in the state, we’ve setup a virtual phone bank that that will allow you to reach Georgia voters from anywhere in the country!

All you need is a phone and a computer to get started.

Click here to sign up for details and instructions>>

What: Virtual phone bank to help elect John Barrow 
Where: Anywhere in the country!
When: Thursday-Sunday (Nov 29-Dec 2), 10:00am-8:00pm

After Brian Kemp refused to recuse himself as secretary of state during the governor’s race and imposed policies that made it impossible for many Georgia democrats to cast a vote, it was no wonder that Stacey Abrams lost the election despite being an incredibly popular figure in Georgia politics. If we don’t want to repeat this loss in the future, we need to implement policies NOW by electing progressive officials.

This is our last chance in Georgia for immediate change and we need YOU to get this candidate into office.

Please join us this weekend and help get out the vote for Barrow>>

I hope you can help us make history!


Tori Slatton, Digital Campaign Coordinator

 Click here to sign up.