GA-SoS: Libertarian Runner-Up Candidate Endorses John Barrow (D) In The Runoff Election

Here’s some big news out of Georgia today:

Democrat John Barrow picked up a surprising endorsement in his Dec. 4 runoff bid for secretary of state: The third-place finisher who forced the race into overtime.

Libertarian J. Smythe DuVal on Monday threw his support behind Barrow, a former U.S. House member whom he said was able to “fix Georgia’s broken election system” and save tax dollars through a ranked choice voting system that would eliminate separate runoff elections.

“John Barrow is the best choice to represent the interests of all Georgia citizens including independents, Libertarians, and fiscal conservatives,” he said.

The razor-thin race ended with Republican Brad Raffensperger, a state legislator from Johns Creek, roughly 16,000 votes ahead of Barrow.

But neither got the majority-vote margin they needed to win outright because DuVal captured about 2 percent of the vote.

While Republicans have had a better track record in winning runoffs in Georgia, Stacey Abrams (D. GA) is determined to keep up her momentum for Barrow to win the runoff:

But Abrams sounded the alarm bell on elections integrity in Georgia on Friday. She announced she is launching a new organization called Fair Fight Georgia to ensure fair elections in the state.

That group is expected to soon file a “major federal lawsuit” against the state over the way the general election was managed, Abrams said.

“We will channel the work of the past several weeks into a strong legal demand for reform of our elections systems in Georgia, and I will not waiver in my commitment, a lived commitment, to work across party lines and across divisions to find a common purpose in protecting our democracy,” Abrams said.

And while she will not continue her fight to become governor, Abrams is turning her attention to getting Democratic Party Secretary of State candidate John Barrow elected in the upcoming runoff for that seat in December.

Barrow and Republican candidate Brad Raffensperger will face each other in the Dec. 4 runoff election.

In order for us to protect the rights of every voter in Georgia and continues to push it in Purple State territory, it’s essential we win this race. Click below to donate and get involved with Barrow’s campaign.