GA-SoS: Let America Vote Helps John Barrow (D) End Brian Kemp's (R) Voter Suppression Legacy

Received this e-mail today from Let America Vote in support of John Barrow’s (D. GA) Secretary of State campaign:

Georgia’s last secretary of state purged the voter rolls, tried to block voter registrations — a majority of which came from Black applicants — and lied about our elections, Samuel.

Now we have a chance to replace Brian Kemp with a Democratic secretary of state who will protect access to the ballot box.

Let the voting rights karma rain down on Georgia. Our boots-on-the-ground team is working to elect John Barrow. Will you help elect this voting-rights champion by pitching in? We’re rushing against the clock, with the election happening next Tuesday.

Folks are already voting early in Georgia. If we can drive up turnout and mobilize voters to get to the polls, John Barrow could be the next secretary of state.

This critical race isn’t over and we can still move the needle by having conversations with targeted voters.

How incredible would it be to see John Barrow, someone who actually respects the right to vote, succeed one of our country’s most notorious vote suppressors?

That would be some shred of justice — but we have to work for it. Will you make sure our grassroots team has the funds it needs to keep talking to voters and elect John Barrow in Georgia?

We can dismantle the barriers to the ballot box that were uncovered in the midterms by electing a true voting-rights champion in Georgia. And we’ve got five days left to make it happen.

Thank you,
Jason Noble
Communications Director

Click here to donate to Barrow’s campaign.