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GA-Sen: Teresa Tomlinson (D) Lays Out Her Immigration Plan To End Trump's Family Separation Policy

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Playing some catch up here. Received this e-mail from former Columbus, GA Mayor Teresa Tomlinson’s (D. GA) U.S. Senate campaign:

Separating families fleeing extreme crime, poverty, and violence must not be who we are as a country. Putting children in cages to score political points with your base would have been unthinkable before Trump — but here we are.

The Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policies use cruelty as a deterrent. As your senator, I will always speak up when immigrants are under attack.

Locking people in cages, separating children from their families, and neglecting their basic human needs to the point that people are dying from preventable illness in U.S. custody is a moral outrage and failing of our government. Add your name if you agree.

As your U.S. Senator, I will fight to:

  • Immediately end the Family Separation Policy
  • Protect DREAMers and DACA recipients
  • Create a just and humane asylum process
  • Invest resources to increase border security
  • Restore aid to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador — addressing this problem at the source, instead of at our southern border

I wept when I listened to the audio of a 6-year-old girl being held in federal detention pleading with ICE agents to allow her to call her aunt.

But while my heart was broken, my resolve was not.

There are solutions available to us — bipartisan solutions — but Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans like David Perdue won’t allow them to come for a vote.

Our urgent need for comprehensive immigration reform has never been more clear. Together we will win a Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate and finally pass comprehensive immigration reform that reflects the best of America, not the worst.

Stand and fight with me today.


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