GA-Sen: Teresa Tomilson (D) Slams Perdue (R) For Slowalking Securing Disaster Relief For Farmers

Received this e-mail today from former Columbus, GA Mayor Teresa Tomilson’s (D. GA) U.S. Senate campaign:

Teresa Tomilson (D. GA)

Finally, after more than seven months, Georgia farmers, and all those who suffered from the devastation caused by Hurricane Michael are getting the disaster relief they deserve.

It’s been 239 days since Hurricane Michael made landfall in Georgia and ravaged our agricultural and rural communities. We must do better.

Add your name now and tell David Perdue: seven months is TOO LONG for Georgia farmers, and victims of any natural disasters, to wait for the aid they deserve:

If you can believe it, 58 Members of Congress voted against the bill to provide relief to hurricane survivors – they are extremists willing to hold Georgia farmers and tens of thousands of Americans hostage to their ideological demands.

It’s no different than the political games David Perdue played with disaster relief when he was one of only 16 U.S. senators who voted against the disaster relief bill in 2017:


With such cynical games being played in DC, it’s no wonder most Americans are turned off by what they see coming out of Washington.

And just look at the consequences these political games are having for Georgians. For too many, this bill is too little, too late. The planting season for many crops began months ago, and some farmers have been forced to either sit the entire season out or make incredibly hard financial decisions for their families. That is unacceptable.

As Senator, I will stand up to bullies in Washington who put ideology over getting results. I’ll fight for Georgians – and make sure that government works for all of us.

Relief for our farmers and others hurt by natural disasters should come first. Add your name to take a stand with me against the politics of ego and ideology that is holding our country back.

Thank you,

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