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GA-Sen & SoS: Dumb Ass David Perdue (R) Says Democrats Are Trying To Steal The SoS Election

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I can’t wait to go after this asshole in 2020:

U.S. Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga., sent out his recorded message last night, at 10:30 p.m. or so, on behalf of Brad Raffensperger, the state House member running against former congressman John Barrow, the Democrat, for secretary of state. Said Perdue:

“Make no mistake about it. Liberal Democrats outside of Georgia are spending millions of dollars to steal this race. If they win, we’ll see more frivolous lawsuits to overturn solid elections in our state.”

A little fact-checking is in order. In addition to the Raffensperger-Barrow contest, we also have a statewide runoff for a seat on the state Public Service Commission, between Democrat Lindy Miller and GOP incumbent Chuck Eaton.

According to our AJC colleague James Salzer, both Democrats have outraised their Republican opponents, but not in the way Senator Perdue describes.

Barrow has raised just over $1 million for the runoff weeks, about one-third of which came from outside Georgia. Raffensperger’s campaign is in the hole for about that same amount. Most of the debt consist of personal loans from the candidate.

The only outside entity that has spent $1 million in either contest is Nuclear Matters, a pro-nuclear power group backing Eaton, the Republican, in his bid for re-election to the PSC. Eaton’s campaign has raised $184,000 for the runoff, compared to $400,000 gathered up by Miller, the Democrat.

Speaking of Eaton, Gov. Nathan Deal also voiced a robo-call for the Republican. The message: “We simply can’t allow Georgia to stall or go in the wrong direction.”

On the other side, a robo-call from former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, paid for by the state Democratic party, gave mention to Miller and her PSC race, but the emphasis was on the race for secretary of state. Said Abrams:

“Voter suppression is nothing new. The other side thinks we’ve given up, that because I didn’t win, we won’t come back out. Let’s prove them wrong. John Barrow’s top priority is stopping voter suppression in Georgia.”

If you live in Georgia, please go out and vote for John Barrow and Lindy Miller. Click here to find your polling place.

By the way, speaking of 2020:

Stacey Abrams is proving that resilience is her middle name, revealing on Monday that she is considering a run for a Georgia Senate seat in 2020, or maybe even governor again in 2022, and of course, there’s always the presidential election to consider.

According to Politico, when asked about a presidential run, Abrams acknowledged that she had not really thought about it, but she did not completely rule out the possibility.

“I am open to all options, and it’s too soon after the election to know exactly what I’m going to do,” she said.

What she has truly considered, however, is going up against Republican Sen. David Perdue in 2020, or once again challenging Gov.-elect Brian Kemp in 2022.

“I am thinking about both,” she told the news site.

“Georgia is my state,” she added. “And the changes I talked about in this campaign remain changes I believe are necessary for our state to continue to progress, to serve the entirety of our state, and that the issues that I raised remain urgent and important.”

Stay tuned.

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