GA-Sen: Meet The Red State Democrat Who Isn't Afraid To Run On Impeaching Trump


I’ve really been liking the Democratic U.S. Senate candidates that have been emerging. Yes, it’s a tough Senate map and some of the big names like Stacey Abrams, Beto O’Rourke and Joaquin Castro have passed on the races. But this is an incredible opportunity for us to create new rising stars in our party by getting them elected to the U.S. Senate. One particular candidate that has been sticking out to me is former Columbus, GA Mayor, Teresa Tomlinson (D. GA). She’s been aggressively attacking U.S. Senate David Perdue (R. GA) and she’s also running on an issue that you wouldn’t expect a Democrat in a red state to run on: impeachment.



Democratic Senate candidate Teresa Tomlinson believes House Democrats have a “duty” to begin impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump, regardless of whether it's politically advantageous.

“The fact of the matter is, you're not up there to get re-elected,” she told a group of Athens Democrats over breakfast Saturday morning. “You're up there to lead.”

While most Democrats believe Trump committed crimes and abused his power while in office, they are split on whether to move forward with impeachment. Some, remembering the GOP's unpopular impeachment of President Bill Clinton, think impeaching Trump might boost his chances of re-election.

Even if the Democrat-controlled House did vote to impeach, it would likely be a futile gesture, as 67 votes in the Senate are required to convict, and Republican senators have shown no signs of abandoning Trump.

“We have to go through the process,” Tomlinson said. “If the Senate votes to acquit, they vote to acquit.”

Read the whole article. Tomlinson is also in favor of many terrific Progressive positions like the $15 minimum wage, tackling climate change and getting us into a universal health care system. In a recent e-mail to her supporters, Tomlinson emphasized that House Democrats have a Constitutional duty to begin the impeachment process:

This weekend I made my position clear: whether Republicans in the Senate let him off the hook or not, the president has committed high crimes that are destabilizing to our democracy. The time to begin impeachment proceedings is NOW. Yesterday, he proved why with a disturbing admission to ABC News that he would utilize foreign interference in his campaign to attack a political opponent.

These unprecedented claims should be the alarm bells ringing for every House Democrat still on the fence about impeachment. Too often, Democrats lose because we lack a clear, bold vision for what our leadership would look like when elected. Voters often wonder, “what does this politician really believe?”

As your U.S. Senator, you’ll never have to wonder where I stand.

If you agree the time to stand up for what we believe is NOW, chip in and help me show Georgia and the nation what real Senate leadership looks like.

But holding elected officials who abuse their power accountable is just the start. We need to enact policies that improve people’s lives.

  • No American should work full-time and still struggle to make ends meet. That’s why I support raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour.
  • Almost every day now we see devastating floods, fires, hurricanes, droughts, and tornadoes. That’s why I support bold action to combat climate change.
  • Demonizing refugees – mostly women and children – who are fleeing rampant crime and economic desolation is not immigration policy. That’s why I support comprehensive immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship for DREAMers.
  • And allowing Republicans to strip women of the freedom to make their most private healthcare decisions goes against basic human rights. That’s why I support federal legislation protecting women’s reproductive freedom.

Make a donation of any amount to my campaign today if you’re with me. We need your help to win Georgia and flip the Senate blue.

Yours Truly,

Teresa Tomlinson
Proud Georgian. Proud Democrat.

Click here to donate to Tomlinson’s campaign.

Also, Democracy for America wants you to celebrate Trump’s birthday by attending an impeachment event near you:

It’s hard to believe I’m writing this.

This week, Trump straight up admitted that if a foreign government approached him with dirt on his political rivals… he’d use it.


Did he pay any attention to the last two years? He has to know that’s illegal, right? It really should be no surprise that Trump learned the wrong lesson from working with Russia to illegally win the 2016 presidency…

Trump is not fit for office, and we cannot trust him to tell us the truth, let alone lead our country.

That’s why DFA is taking it to the streets on Saturday for the Impeach Trump Day of Action with sheer grassroots power to demand the House begin impeachment proceedings now.

There are over 100 impeachment events happening tomorrow. Click here to join the millions of Americans demanding justice by attending an event near you.

It’s crystal clear: Trump has disregarded our laws and democracy, and turned this nation into a joke, all in his quest for personal power and money.

This president is a danger to the American people and we can’t wait for the House to take their time: we have to demand action to make action happen.

Look ya know, I’ve heard the arguments that we don’t need to impeach Trump if he’s going to lose in 2020. But not everyone has the privilege and luxury of waiting for the 2020 elections. Trump’s policies are constantly hurting people of color, immigrants, LGBTQ people, women, and low-income communities. Their pain and struggle grow each and every day Trump sits in the Oval Office.

That’s just one reason not to wait. Here’s another: we’re more likely to win in 2020 if Trump is impeached by the House, whether the Senate convicts or not. Why? Because America will know where Democrats stand and see that we’re willing to fight for what’s right regardless of the political calculations of armchair pundits.

Enough is enough. Stand with DFA and find an event near you to demand the House begin impeachment proceedings and kick this sham of a president out of office.

Time’s up. It’s now or never.

We’ve got the numbers. We’ve got the grassroots power. Together, we’ll take to the streets and demand change.


Charles Chamberlain, Chair
Democracy for America

PS — Today is Trump’s birthday. Wouldn’t it be great for the American people to celebrate it by showing him how many of us demand he be impeached and removed from office?? Find an impeachment event near you here »

Click here to attend an impeachment event.