Received this e-mail today from Teresa Tomlinson’s (D. GA) U.S. Senate campaign:

Gun violence is ravaging American communities on a daily basis, but just a few days ago, a bipartisan effort to enact common sense background checks on all gun purchases was killed – it’s time to eliminate the filibuster.

I am running for US Senate because part of my professional skill set is in restructuring dysfunctional systems. We will have to scrap the current Senate rules and come up with new rules that encourage deliberative, effective action on the people’s business.

It’s time for the Senate to stop playing politics with the filibuster. Can you donate $5 right now so we can elect a senator who will vote to end the abuse of the filibuster?

We need to eliminate the filibuster so we can close the gun show loophole and require universal background checks for all gun sales.

This isn’t only about mass shootings. It’s also about a host of gun violence prevention initiatives.

  • Protecting women from domestic abusers who might kill them with access to a firearm.
  • Saving the lives of people who are mentally ill and more likely to commit suicide with access to a firearm.
  • Saving the lives of children who are struck down by illegal guns every day.
  • Keeping guns out of the hands of criminals.

Mitch McConnell and the Republican caucus are bought and paid for by the NRA – an institution that has abandoned its duty to represent responsible gun owners, and has become a shill of corporate gun manufacturers whose only responsibility is to sell more guns to turn a higher profit.

Domestic terrorism is ravaging our communities, but as long as the filibuster remains in place we’ll need at least 60 votes to pass a single bill in the Senate.

We need to end the filibuster to bring Rep. Lucy McBath’s “red flag” law to the floor.

We need to end the filibuster to bring HR 8, the universal background check bill, to the floor.

We need to end the filibuster to ban assault weapons and keep our streets, schools, churches, concerts, clubs, movies, malls, and communities safe.

It’s time to end the Senate filibuster so we can finally address gun violence with common sense legislation. Donate today if you agree.

We’re going to need a new Civic Infrastructure for progressive change in our country. Ending the filibuster is an important step.

Your's truly,

Click here to donate to Tomlinson’s campaign.

  • August 16, 2019
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