GA-Sen: Georgia Senate Democratic Candidates Join The Call To Eliminate The Filibuster

It’s gaining momentum. First, Teresa Tomlinson (D. GA):


Tomlinson endorsed the elimination of the Senate’s legislative filibuster on Wednesday.

The former Columbus mayor said her opinion was different two years ago because the procedure, which allows a minority of 41 senators to block legislation, “historically encouraged consensus and deliberation.”

“Today, however, it has been weaponized against the American people. So, the filibuster must go,” said Tomlinson in response to a Twitter question about reviving the Voting Rights Act. “We will have to scrap the current Senate rules and come up with new rules that encourage deliberative, effective action on the people’s business.”

Second, Ted Terry (D. GA):

Tomlinson’s primary opponent Ted Terry has not ruled out scrapping the legislative filibuster, but said Wednesday he was worried doing so could be a “slippery slope to more hyper-partisanship.”

The Democrat said a larger priority for him was securing representation for the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Native Americans in the House and Senate.

Not only is it great to hear Democratic Presidential candidates like Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and Jay Inslee build momentum for this issue but also see Senate Democratic candidates come out in favor of this to make the Senate work. Click below to donate and get involved with the Georgia Democrat’s campaign you support the most:

Teresa Tomlinson

Ted Terry