So I am heading to Atlanta next month to visit friends who moved there to work in the film industry. I am worried for them that a potential boycott could slow down their work all thanks to Governor Brian Kemp (R. GA) and the Georgia GOP passing their bull shit abortion ban bill. You’d think big business Republicans like U.S. Senator David Perdue (R. GA) would be worried about how this could affect the state’s economy:

Given his business background, you might have thought that Perdue would have been talking about the tariffs that President Donald Trump increased to 25 percent on Friday.

Instead, Perdue and his Fox News hosts spoke of threats from some Hollywood types to boycott Georgia over its new “heartbeat’ law, which requires most women to carry their pregnancies to term after about six weeks – before many know they’re pregnant.

It goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2020.

President Donald Trump will be at the top of the ticket next year. Perdue, the next name down, already has at least one Democrat challenger after his job — former Columbus mayor Teresa Tomlinson. Others are likely to follow.

Georgia’s “heartbeat” law, which also bestows “personhood” at six weeks, is likely to be one of the dominating topics. The U.S. senator’s Monday willingness to defend a state law tells us that. His appearance also tells us that intensifying the Republican base, rather than broadening its reach, will continue to be the larger GOP strategy in Georgia.

But you’d be wrong:



“Georgia does more traditional movie production than any other state including California,” Perdue said Monday on “Fox and Friends.” “A lot of infrastructure is built down there and a lot of sound stages. It’s ironic that several of these companies threatening to boycott have yet to do business in Georgia.”

Yeah, this asshole is practically taunting the film industry to boycott Georgia:

Perdue also suggested that because some of those now boycotting the state had not yet made movies in the state, their actions were empty gestures. “Rhetoric is more important than reality.”

With deep red states moving to restrict abortion rights and roll back protections for LGBTQ people in recent years, economic boycotts have increasingly been used as a tool to push those states to reconsider. Following economic backlash and company boycotts, then-Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN) in 2015 signed a law rolling back part of an anti-LGBTQ “religious freedom” law, and Gov. Roy Cooper (D-NC) in 2017 signed a partial repeal of his state’s anti-LGBTQ law.

We’ll see if the boycott becomes a reality but Perdue sure is taunting the industry to make it a reality. Meanwhile, Perdue’s opponent, former Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson (D. GA), continues to hammer Perdue and Kemp over the abortion ban bill:

As we learn more about Georgia’s choice ban, Teresa is out in front and leading the fight for a woman’s right to choose. This weekend, she joined MSNBC to talk about the unconstitutional nature of the law, and how Republican legislators are restricting the constitutional right to choose in order to force the courts’ hands in overturning it.

Watch the clip here:

Teresa explains: “It’s an extreme effort to overturn Roe v. Wade – and patently unconstitutional…These legislators need to stop practicing medicine without a license. We knew that elected Republican officials struggled with science, as they handled climate change. We knew that they struggle with math, as they dealt with our deficit. And now we know that they know nothing about biology.

If this case goes all the way to the top, we’re about to see whether we have jurists or ideologues on the Supreme Court.

Watch Teresa on MSNBC here.

Women are the sole fiduciaries of any life they carry. If Republican elected officials cannot respect our most private and important decisions, we cannot respect and support them in elected positions.


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  • May 14, 2019