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Georgia Senate candidate Raphael Warnock released a 30-second ad Wednesday recalling his experience of being racially profiled as child, falsely accused of stealing from a local store in Savannah.

“1982. A 12-year-old is accused of stealing and dragged out a store, told he looks suspicious because his hands are in his pockets,” Warnock recounted in the ad. “I'm Raphael Warnock and that boy was me.”

The ad, called “Store,” is Warnock's third television ad of the campaign. Warnock uses the ad to send the message that he'll fight for the forgotten if he's elected in November.

In other news, Warnock picked up a big endorsement today:

One of the state’s most influential labor unions backed Democrat Raphael Warnock’s campaign for U.S. Senate on Thursday, giving the reverend support from another important party constituency.

The Georgia American Federation of Labor unveiled its endorsement for Warnock at a press conference that touted his pledge to end “Right to Work” status in Georgia and push for expanded Medicaid.

“Georgia deserves a senator who understands that it is a contradiction to call workers essential but refuse to pay them an essential wage, provide for them essential benefits,” he said outside an Atlanta union. “There are too many politicians working to promote corporate interests than ordinary families.”

And while U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler (R. GA) and Rep. Doug Collins (R. GA) are trying to use law and order fearmongering, Warnock’s calling out that bull shit:

Their best-funded Democratic competitor is Rev. Raphael Warnock, pastor of Atlanta's Ebenezer Baptist Church.  “We have a real serious problem in this country. And it’s really bigger than the police,” Warnock said Thursday at an event with union supporters (though none from police unions).
Warnock has been supportive of peaceful protests  — and critical of what he calls “the politics of fear.”

“Is that what will make us safe? I don’t think so. I’m focused on building the beloved community and that includes the police,” Warnock said, invoking a term followers of the civil rights movement will recognize – which was fueled by protests 50 years ago.

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