GA-Sen A: Ossoff (D), “Perdue (R) was too busy enriching himself to prepare Georgians against virus”


U.S. Senate candidate, Jon Ossoff (D. GA), did an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Jansing to discuss the tight race between him and U.S. Senator David Perdue (R. GA). In the interview, Ossoff points out that Perdue has nothing to run on but a pandemic and high unemployment because Perdue was busing enriching himself from insider trading that he left Georgians unprepared to handle the COVID-19 pandemic. I can’t embed the video but click here to watch it.

Ossoff has been making Perdue’s insider trading an issue in this race:

Ossoff wants Congress to pass a bill requiring a blind trust for the stock portfolios of federal officeholders — from members of Congress, to ambassadors, to the president.
“(Perdue) has promised to stop trading individual stocks. But that’s not good enough. He has refused to give up control of his portfolio. He should meet the Isakson standard,” Ossoff told 11Alive News Monday.

Johnny Isakson was the US Senator that Loeffler replaced in January 2020. As chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee, Isakson reportedly put almost all of his stock in a blind trust – even though no law required it. 

And it’s a great issue to run on because the Cook Political Report officially declared this race a toss up:

With the Peach State looking more like a swing state than ever, buoyed by growth and diversification in the Atlanta suburbs that are repelled by Trump, it couldn’t be worse timing that there is not one, but two Senate seats up there this cycle. At present, Georgia is the newest state that is giving Republicans a heavy dose of heartburn.

At the outset of the cycle, freshman GOP Sen. David Perdue looked well-heeled for re-election. We moved this race into a more competitive Lean Republican category in May though, as it became apparent that the race was tightening, reflecting the political evolution in the state. Now, in what may be our most surprising and somewhat controversial rating shift, new polling numbers from both Democrats and private Republican polling merits a move into the Toss Up column, and ultimately what appears to be driving this race’s change is just a very poor environment here.

Jon Ossoff, who ran and lost in a highly-publicized 2017 special election in the 6th District, was able to clear the June primary outright and avoid a runoff, which did show the strength of his campaign and gave him a needed boost to try and catch Perdue. An internal poll this week from his campaign pollster Fred Yang of Garin-Hart-Yang shows he has now done that, finding him in a statistical tie with Perdue, 45%-44%, with Biden up 4 points on Trump. The well-respected Yang also writes that, “Among voters who recognize both candidates (61% of the electorate) Jon Ossoff leads by 55% to 39%, which is a strong indication of Ossoff’s ability to grow his positives and thus his voteonce he gets better known.” Sources tell us that mirrors some private GOP polling in the state too, though other Republicans nationally and in the state still believe Perdue holds the advantage and the fundamentals will break the incumbent's way. A late June Fox News poll, however, also found the race within the margin of error, with Perdue up 45%-42%.

And both Democrats and Republicans are spending big on this race:

The day started with word that a group connected with Majority Forward, a super PAC boosting Senate Democratic candidates, will pour $5.2 million into TV ads in Georgia in August to boost Democrat Jon Ossoff’s campaign against Perdue.

The Republican incumbent, meanwhile, released his third TV ad of the cycle – and the second to take aim at Ossoff, who won his party’s crowded primary outright in June. Speaking direct to camera, Perdue opens by claiming “Ossoff is pushing a socialist agenda, promising free stuff.”

Perdue’s allies in the National Republican Senatorial Committee aren’t taking Ossoff lightly either. The group released a second ad Wednesday claiming the Democrat “cares more about impressing his Hollywood liberal friends than helping Georgia families.”

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