Received this e-mail from Jon Ossoff’s (D. GA) U.S. Senate campaign:

Months ago, the U.S. Senate was briefed on the looming threat of the Coronavirus.

Many Senators left the briefing truly alarmed.

But how did Georgia’s Senator David Perdue respond?

He didn’t try to warn us. He didn’t urge Trump to speed up the response.

He sold casino shares, bought medical stocks (including companies that make protective gear for doctors and nurses!)) to try to line his own pockets!

If this isn’t a crime, it should be. That’s why Democrat Jon Ossoff is calling on the U.S. Senate to INVESTIGATE David Perdue right away.

We just launched a new digital ad to make sure Perdue can’t sweep this under the rug. Please watch our ad then cosign our official petition to the Senate →

This kind of negligence and self-dealing cannot stand.

But the Senate will only investigate these potential crimes if we put immense pressure on them.

That’s why we need you to co-sign our petition to the Senate and demand they investigate Georgia Senator David Perdue.


Team Ossoff

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