U.S. Senate candidate, Jon Ossoff (D. GA), recently did an interview with Q Magazine and vowed to be an unwavering ally for LGBTQ rights in the U.S. Senate:

“There’s no place for discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity,” Ossoff said. “Those should not be merely a matter of principle, but a matter of law.”

Ossoff said his commitment to LGBTQ Georgians comes from “a deeply rooted belief in the equality of all people and commitment to expanding human rights and to ensuring that everyone … is treated with the compassion and dignity and respect that they deserve.”

The candidate’s comments came during Q Conversations, Project Q's live virtual Q&A series, on June 4. The discussions take place most Fridays at lunchtime and are hosted by Project Q Atlanta founder Matt Hennie.

You can watch his interview here:

Ossoff has also been focused on a number of other issues affecting Georgians like health care:

Ossoff’s plan to address health care includes new clinics and hospitals and expanding the U.S. Public Health Service to train doctors and nurses to work in underserved areas.
To address the high cost of prescription medications, Ossoff’s plan would address the costs charged by drug makers.
“The cost of prescription drugs and health care is a scandal,” he said.
Ossoff’s plan calls for expanding Medicaid to cover some 500,000 Georgians who would be eligible for coverage and an affordable public option for those who do not receive health care benefits through an employer.

While also calling out Perdue’s hypocrisy:


Things are getting heated in this expensive race and Democrats are doing everything they can to take out Perdue. From slamming him on his insider trading:

A Washington-based group backing Jon Ossoff’s campaign rolled out a TV ad Tuesday that is critical of U.S. Sen. David Perdue’s stock transactions during the coronavirus pandemic.

The ad by Senate Majority PAC claims the Republican is “taking care of himself while we suffered” when his advisers made dozens of stock sales during the pandemic. The group has reserved nearly $2 million in ad time through the fall to support the Democrat’s bid.

Several senators have come under scrutiny for stock trades after a Jan. 24 briefing focused on the disease. Records show nearly 100 transactions made on Perdue’s behalf from late January through mid-February, some from firms that surged during the pandemic and others that struggled.

And the Jewish Democratic Council of America is targeting Perdue and John James (R. MI) for using Anti-Semitic tropes in their attack ads against Ossoff and U.S. Senator Gary Peters (D. MI):

The ad targeting Perdue, who is fighting a challenge from Jon Ossoff, spotlights a July Facebook ad promoted by the Georgia senator, which included an image of Ossoff with an enlarged nose — a classic antisemitic stereotype. Perdue took down the ad after coming under fire for the image.

JDCA executive director Halie Soifer told JI that she expected Jewish support for Ossoff and Peters to increase as a result of allegations that the two Republican candidates “have invoked antisemitic language, imagery, and tropes in their campaigns.”

“There’s a reason these two ads are similar — sadly, Republicans are using antisemitism and other forms of bigotry as part of their political strategy in 2020,” she said.

Let’s keep up the momentum to flip Georgia Blue. Click below to donate and get involved with Ossoff, Warnock, Biden and their fellow Georgia Democrats campaigns:

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