Received this e-mail today from Jon Ossoff’s (D. GA) U.S. Senate campaign:

We knew this public health and economic crisis would last well beyond July.

So, as millions of Georgians have filed jobless claims, what is Sen. David Perdue doing? He is calling for *CUTS* to expanded unemployment insurance.

Perdue and the GOP sat on their hands for months, and now federal unemployment benefits have expired, and the Paycheck Protection Program is set to stop giving out loans this weekend.

The House passed the Heroes Act nearly three months ago(!!!) to extend essential benefits. But Mitch McConnell refuses to take it up in the Senate.

The GOP hasn't figured out what it wants to put in the next relief bill. It had no trouble rubber-stamping billions for big business, but there seems to be no rush to renew benefits for out-of-work Americans. Meanwhile Donald Trump is demanding money to remodel the White House.

Perdue and the Senate GOP are holding working Americans hostage as a bargaining chip to extract concessions.

The American people need relief now.

Sign Jon Ossoff's petition to demand David Perdue reverse his push for unemployment insurance cuts and urge the Senate to extend unemployment benefits and direct relief for families, workers, and small businesses.


Team Ossoff

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