Received a few e-mails for upcoming GOTV event to help Jon Ossoff (D. GA) and Rev. Raphael Warnock (D. GA) win their runoff elections. Received this e-mail last night  from Senate Circle:

Thank You
Going into the holiday season, we give thanks for you: for joining this team and bringing your friends, family members, and colleagues with you; for the thousands of texts, phone calls, handwritten letters, dollars, and emails you poured into our campaigns; and, most of all, for committing to the long, hard game of restoring our democracy. Please read our review of the 2020 election and celebrate all you helped accomplish.
The Arts Support Warnock & Ossoff
Senate Circle is pleased to offer a unique opportunity to support Warnock and Ossoff as you add to your fine poster collection. Created by Atlanta-based artist Michael Reese and entitled Decoding Polaris (Georgia II), a portion of the proceeds of this unique vision of Georgia rendered in blue will be donated to the Warnock and Ossoff campaigns. From the artist:
It explores the terrestrial limitations of bondage and the celestial wayfinding knowledge of enslaved persons in the American south. …  Polaris from a terrestrial vantage point was key in understanding North from South directionally, this cosmic knowledge led many enslaved people to freedom during this time. … In addition I am also acknowledging that the basic nature of the human spirit is its need to simply be free.
— Michael R. Reese
Purchase a limited edition print of Decoding Polaris (Georgia II) here:…
Phone and Text-Banking Opportunities
It's more fun to volunteer with friends, so please join us Thursday, Friday, or Monday. At least one of us will be at each of these events.
Black Church PAC – Tomorrow
Join Karie Brown on Thursday, 12/10/20 at 5-9PM EST/2-6PM-PST to text-bank (FYI – Karie has to step out from 3-4 PST) Register here.
Mi Familia Vota
Make phone calls with Monique Curnen, 12/11/20 at 1-3PMEST/12-1 PST. Register here.
Color of Change PAC
Text-bank with Monique Curnen and Pat Semple on Monday, 12/14/20 at 7-8:30PM EST/4-5:30PST. Register here.
As final note of thanks and motivation, there are currently two contested U.S. House races and Democrats trail by six and twelve votes. Our work matters and every phone call and text to Georgia voters makes a difference.
With our gratitude,
The Senate Circle Volunteers 

Click here to register with with Black Church PAC.

Click here to register with Mi Familia Vote.

Click here  to register with  Color of Change PAC.

Also, former U.S. Senate candidate, Sarah Riggs Amico (D. GA), is helping boost Stacey Abrams’ (D. GA) GOTV efforts. Received this e-mail last night from Riggs Amico on behalf of her new organization, Our American Dreams PAC:

We just learned some disturbing news, and we need to make sure you hear about it:
Elections officials in Cobb County — one of the largest counties in the state, and my home county — recently decided to close six polling locations before early voting begins for our upcoming Senate runoff elections.

Because of these poll closures, activists will have to work even harder to make sure Cobb County voters know where and how to cast their ballots in our critical runoffs next month. And we need to help them.

If you’re able, we need you to pitch in right now and split a donation between OAD and Fair Fight — Stacey Abrams’s organization encouraging voter participation here in Georgia. Fair Fight is on the ground doing the work to make sure everyone votes in January’s runoffs, but they can’t do it without your support.

This decision is a blatant attack on voting rights in our state, and since many of these polling locations are in Black and Brown neighborhoods, it will impact minority communities most of all.

The truth is, too many folks won’t have the time or access to the transportation they need to reach polling places located further from their homes. And during a pandemic, forcing more people to gather at fewer voting sites is simply dangerous to public health.

So many people — from Rep. John Lewis to Stacey Abrams — have fought too long and too hard for all of us to be able to vote. Now, we have to make sure we defend that right and participate in our democracy.

Please give just $10 — or whatever you can — to OAD and Fair Fight right now so we can keep working to protect access to the ballot box in Georgia.

Thank you,

Sarah Riggs Amico
Our American Dreams

Click here to donate to OAD & Fair Fight’s GOTV efforts.

You can also click below to donate and get involved directly with Ossoff, Warnock and these grassroots campaigns:

Asian American Advocacy Fund

Georgia Equality PAC

Human Rights Campaign

Jon Ossoff

Raphael Warnock

Georgia Democratic Party

Georgia House Democrats

Fair Fight

Georgia Blue Project

Our American Dreams PAC

Georgia Stand-Up

New Georgia Project


Woke Vote

Amplify Action

Mijente PAC

Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights

Black Voters Matter

  • December 10, 2020