Received this e-mail from former presidential candidate, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I. VT), in support of Jon Ossoff (D. GA) and Rev. Raphael Warnock’s (D. GA) U.S. Senate campaigns:

Rev. Raphael Warnock (D. GA) & Jon Ossoff (D. GA)

As we're sure you're aware, the special election in Georgia on January 5 is not just about electing two new and excellent U.S. senators. It's even more important than that.

It's about whether Mitch McConnell and his Republican colleagues continue to control the Senate and obstruct any and all serious legislation to protect working families, the environment, and efforts toward racial justice. It's about whether Democrats can gain a majority in the Senate, have progressives chair a number of important committees, and start moving this country forward in a progressive direction.

We understand what's at stake in this election. You understand what's at stake. And, not surprisingly, Mitch McConnell understands what's at stake. And that's why McConnell-controlled super PACs are raising enormous amounts of money and have already spent $20.6 million on ads attacking Democratic candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. And that's just a small part of the Republican money flooding the state.

We need to fight back. That is why we're asking you directly:

Can you split a $5 contribution between Rev. Warnock, Jon Ossoff, and our campaign today? We must elect a Senate that stands with working people, not the billionaire class.

In this election, the contrast between the Democratic and Republican candidates could not be clearer. Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue are continuing to undermine American democracy by defending Trump's ludicrous claims of election fraud and a “stolen” election. Rev. Warnock and Jon Ossoff understand that we must defend voting rights and the election process by making it easier — not harder — for people to vote.

Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue support Trump's effort to end the Affordable Care Act, do away with protections for those who have pre-existing conditions and throw over 20 million Americans off of the health care they currently have. Ossoff and Warnock believe that health care is a human right and should be available to all.

The Warnock and Ossoff campaigns are working hard to register voters and organize statewide in Georgia to generate the largest voter turnout possible. And right now they are counting on lots of people making small donations so that they'll have the resources to do everything possible to win these enormously important elections.

Please split a $5 contribution between Rev. Warnock, Jon Ossoff, and our campaign today to help Democrats regain a majority in the Senate.

Electing two Democratic senators in Georgia is no easy task. But grassroots activists in Georgia have already shown their ability to transform politics in the South by delivering a huge upset win for Joe Biden. Now, they're ready to win two Senate seats. Let's help them do it.

Thank you for contributing today if you can afford it.

In solidarity,

Team Bernie

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