Here’s the latest news today out of Georgia courtesy of PPP’s latest poll:

PPP’s newest Georgia poll finds that both of the state’s Senate seats appear headed for runoffs. In the regular Senate election Jon Ossoff is getting 44% to 43% for David Perdue, with Libertarian Shane Hazel’s 4% well exceeding the difference between the two of them.

In the special Senate election, Raphael Warnock continues to grow his support and now has a 17 point lead over the rest of the field at 41% to 24% for Kelly Loeffler and 22% for Doug Collins. The other Democratic candidates are non entities at this point- Matt Lieberman comes in at 3% and Ed Tarver gets less than 1%.

Warnock is proving to be easily the most popular of the major candidates in the field. He has a +17 net favorability rating at 43/26. By contrast Kelly Loeffler has a -11 net approval rating at 31/42 and Doug Collins has a -4 net favorability rating at 32/36.

Joe Biden has a small lead for President in the state at 47% to 46% for Donald Trump. Trump’s 46% vote share matches his approval rating in the state, with 50% of voters disapproving of him.

There’s a good chance Democrats will score one or more major wins in Georgia this year for the first time in more than two decades. And it’s clear that whether it’s this year or not, it’s coming soon. Biden leads by 19 with voters under 45 and by 4 with voters between 46 and 65. Ossoff leads by 20 with voters under 45 and by 4 with voters between 46 and 65. The only thing even keeping Republicans in the game statewide is massive advantages with seniors- 25 points for Trump and 28 points for Perdue. But generational change is making the state much more hospitable for Democrats, and that’s a trend that’s likely only to continue.

And the eyes of the nation are likely to be on Georgia in January with two hotly contested Senate seats quite possibly on the line.

Click here for the full results.

Whether we can avoid the runoffs or not, we have to be ready for either outcome.

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