Here’s the latest news out of Georgia:



— Political Polls (@Politics_Polls) October 23, 2020

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Now that’s not the only poll to come out today:


Please keep in mind that this is a weekly poll that was conducted before the debate. Also, Landmark is also a conservative poll too but even this poll shows a close race.

Here’s some more evidence that Republicans are scared:

Jon Ossoff’s aides said Friday that operatives with the conservative group Project Veritas Action recently tried to infiltrate the Democrat’s campaign for U.S. Senate and recorded undercover video of his parents and a field organizer.

His campaign spokeswoman, Miryam Lipper, said the group used “deceitful tactics,” including ambushing one of his aides at a coffee shop this week while he was with a woman he thought he was courting on a date.

She wound up being an undercover Project Veritas staffer using a fake name, the campaign said, and the date was interrupted when group founder James O’Keefe emerged with a camera crew to question him about Ossoff’s policy positions.

Also, Ossoff’s interview with Atlanta Magazine is worth a read. Here’s a little taste:

If you’re elected, what does your first day in office look like?
Day one is working with the new administration to ensure that it has all authority necessary to empower public health and medical experts to lead on pandemic response, immediately pushing for direct relief for working families and small businesses who are in financial distress due to the ongoing economic crisis resulting from this pandemic. Beginning work with my colleagues on a historic infrastructure and clean energy bill to invest in transit and transportation, research and development, rural broadband, clean energy, and public health clinics, and get tens of thousands of Georgians back to work. And co-sponsoring a constitutional amendment to overturn the corrupt Citizens United decision, which allows secret unlimited corporate spending in politics. I run a business that investigates corruption, organized crime, and war crimes for news organizations all over the world. We’ve exposed bribery on multiple continents, corporate abuses, and judicial corruption, and corruption in American politics right now is out of control. It’s why the government serves powerful interests with legions of lobbyists instead of serving the people.

And Mother Jones has a great piece about Warnock that’s worth a read:

It’s clear from watching that church events blend easily with social justice ones; there are barbecues and voting rights events and speeches on the ills of mass incarceration, an issue particularly dear to Warnock, as his older brother was recently released from 22 years in prison for a nonviolent drug-related offense.

In another frame, the late Rep. John Lewis, who was a congregant, sits beside Warnock in what looks like the Ebenezer sanctuary and they run swabs along the inside of their mouths to encourage Black men to get tested for AIDS; in another, Warnock is getting arrested at the Georgia Capitol building for protesting the legislature’s refusal to expand Medicaid.

Though it is not the point of the video, it has something of an inadvertent dual purpose—putting into striking relief why Warnock is celebrating his time at Ebenezer and simultaneously trying to become the first Black senator to represent Georgia. In many ways, he aims to do in the US Senate precisely what he has done at Ebenezer: live out his faith by serving and connecting with his community.

“I see politics as…one tool in the toolkit for the creation of a more blessed and beloved community that embraces everybody…for me, that is the work of the gospel, and a mandate that comes clearly from my faith,” Warnock tells me recently. “It’s a faith that does not allow me to hide behind stained glass windows, but to actually go beyond stained glass windows and the doors of the church and into the broader community—and yes, in this case, even engage in the swampy waters of partisan politics.”

And Esquire has a great piece out slamming Collins:

On the one hand, you have Doug Collins, the representative for Georgia's Ninth Congressional District who lit up the House impeachment hearings with his brand of auctioneer gobbledygook designed, like the work of House Intelligence ranking member Devin Nunes, to be funneled into the Fox News infotainment machine and pumped into the brains of the conservative movement's base of supporters. Speaking of Nunes, he features on a new self-promo Collins which debuted on Thursday, in which a veritable Justice League of dunce presidential apparatchiks from the Sean Hannity Cinematic Universe are presented as “The Collins Crew.”

And Loeffler:

Loeffler's candidacy was so clearly a chunk of astroturfed plutocratic waste, and so devoid of anything that might actually inspire voters, that she has gone looking for some very dark inspiration indeed. Loeffler has trashed the Black Lives Matter movement while maintaining a stake in a WNBA team (classic Outsider!) whose players have been outspoken in their advocacy. But more than that, she has joined forces with Marjorie Taylor Greene, set to be the first member of Congress with ties to QAnon, soliciting Greene's endorsement and staging a campaign stunt in which they arrived at an event in a humvee.

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