GA-Sen A & B: Gabby Giffords PAC Helps Defeat Two Of Moscow Mitch's NRA Puppets

Received this e-mail today from former U.S. Representative and wife of U.S. Senator Mark Kelly (D. AZ), Gabrielle Giffords’ (D. AZ) PAC, Giffords PAC:

Rev. Raphael Warnock (D. GA) & Jon Ossoff (D. GA)

We have some good and bad news to share with you today. Do you have a minute?

The bad news is: Mitch McConnell is ramping up his efforts to elect and defend gun lobby-backed candidates in the Georgia Senate Runoffs. He knows that if he can hold these seats he can keep his Senate majority.

The good news is: We’re supporting the gun safety Senate runoff candidates in Georgia! The election is less than a month away, and if we can help them win we can take back the Senate and finally be able to pass gun safety laws.

Right now, all eyes are on Georgia. We have a real opportunity for change. But these candidates need our help if they are going to go up against the deep pockets of Mitch McConnell and the NRA and win.

You can see how important this is, which is why we have to ask:

If you are able, will you make a $3 donation today to help us hit our $5,000 daily goal? Your support means so much to Gabby and to our efforts to create meaningful change.

We have a real chance to elect a gun safety majority to Congress who will finally pass background checks and take a fair look at many of our other priorities like safe storage laws and funding for gun violence research.

Your support makes all of this possible, and we appreciate all that you do.

Thank you for keeping up the fight,

The team at Giffords

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  • December 9, 2020