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GEORGIA SEN. DAVID PERDUE receives a gusher of outside money to help him fend off Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff. Since mid-July, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has spent nearly $5 million against Ossoff, a documentary filmmaker and former congressional candidate. Senate Leadership Fund, an outside group aligned with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, has as of Thursday spent more against Ossoff than any other Democratic Senate candidate—part of an announced $6.6 million “surge” of spending in the state. Another $13.5 million is on its way between September and Election Day.

Republican groups want to paint Ossoff as inexperienced and committed to costly policy changes, according to GOP operatives. Some Republican strategists see him as a mostly blank slate in Georgia, and say they can use ads to effectively define him, despite his high-profile 2017 congressional special election. Ossoff said that McConnell’s allies are trying to “bail out my opponent’s sinking campaign.” A Perdue spokeswoman accused Ossoff of having an agenda that “appeals to his donor base outside of Georgia.”

The spending shows Georgia’s newfound status as a battleground. Both President Trump’s and former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaigns have announced ad buys there. But Ossoff has gained more traction against Perdue than the Democrats running in Georgia’s other Senate race, a special election to complete the term of retired Sen. Johnny Isakson. There, much of the Republican spending is aimed at other Republicans, with appointed Sen. Kelly Loeffler trying to fend off a challenge from Rep. Doug Collins. SLF has spent $774,083 against Collins in that race, where two Democratic candidates trail the two Republicans and risk being locked out of Georgia’s one-on-one runoff that will follow the November election if no candidate wins a majority of votes cast.

Ossoff has been keeping the focus on Perdue and how congress on the coronavirus:

Ossoff, who is facing incumbent Republican Sen. David Perdue and Libertarian Shane Hazel on the November ballot, said that lawmakers have been too focused on support for major corporations at the expense of continuing relief for everyday Americans.

“I don't know how they can look around in the state of the world right now and think that they've earned summer holidays,” he said. “Support for small business and ordinary people has been sluggish and the Senate has gone on vacation while small business emergency lending is now paused and needs to be reauthorized.”

In an interview with GPB News, Ossoff also said that local governments need more support as the economic slowdown has seen tax revenues plummet.

“What Congress needs to have done months ago is anticipate that this would be a problem and get working ahead of time to ensure that local governments and local school districts have the resources that they need to adapt to these circumstances,” he said.

Let’s stick it to Trump, Perdue and Moscow Mitch by flipping Georgia Blue. Click below to donate and get involved with Ossoff, Warnock, Biden and their fellow Georgia Democrats campaigns:

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