GA, MT, ME, AZ, CO, IA & NC-Sen: PFAW Increases It's Number Of Top GOP Targets To Defeat

Received this e-mail today from the People For the American Way:

PFAW’s Take Back the Senate Fund has added THREE critical targets to our list of top 2020 Senate races:


Shifting dynamics in the states of these right-wing Republicans have made their races more competitive. These stalwart Trump allies join our other top Republican targets: Susan Collins, Martha McSally, Cory Gardner, Joni Ernst, and Thom Tillis and they are just as deserving of getting voted out of office as our original top-tier targets.

Get in the fight now with an urgent donation to FLIP control of the U.S. Senate!>>

If you’ve already given to PFAW’s Take Back the Senate Fund, THANK YOU — we wouldn’t be asking again if it wasn’t so important. And you know as well as anyone just how important it is that we flip the Senate…

Mitch McConnell’s Republican Senate Majority has:

→ STOLEN a seat on the US Supreme Court for Donald Trump (remember Merrick Garland??)

→ JAM-PACKED our courts with extreme, biased, and unqualified Trump judicial nominees…

→ BLOCKED vital reforms to protect our elections and reduce government corruption…

→ OBSTRUCTED efforts to get to the truth about Russian election interference and hold Trump’s team accountable for a growing list of lawless and corrupt acts…


A bit about our new targets:

GEORGIA: Both of Georgia’s Republican U.S. Senators are up for election this year. David Perdue has been a loyal Trump enabler and Kelly Loeffler, who was appointed to the seat following the previous incumbent’s retirement, recently came under fire for shady stock sales which look like possible profiteering off of inside information she had about the coronavirus pandemic based on her position as senator.

MONTANA: Far-right Sen. Steve Daines has been an enthusiastic foot soldier in Trump and McConnell’s assault on our federal courts and has been part of the Republican cover-up of Trump’s misdeeds at every turn. The recent entry of popular Democratic Governor Steve Bullock in the Senate race has made this deep-red state race competitive!

Other top targets:

MAINE: Phony ‘moderate’ Susan Collins has built her political career claiming to be pro-choice, pro-LGBTQ equality, and pro-environment – she even now claims to be pro-health care – but she has provided what many consider to be decisive votes on dozens of unfit and extreme right-wing Trump judicial nominees (including Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh!).

All the abortion bans being passed in states across the country meant to provide the Far Right with their chance to overturn Roe v. Wade stem from the confirmations of Supreme Court Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh – and Collins’s difference-making support for those Trump nominees.

ARIZONA: Trump Republican Martha McSally — who has been a consistent rubber stamp on Trump’s awful judicial nominees – actually LOST her last bid for an Arizona U.S. Senate seat, but was appointed by the Republican governor to fill the seat left vacant by the death of John McCain.

McSally is now trailing Democrat Mark Kelly — the former astronaut, husband of former-Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, and presumptive Democratic nominee for this seat — in the polls!

COLORADO: Cory Gardner is considered by many to be the most vulnerable Republican up for reelection in 2020. He is trying to run as a moderate, but his staunch support for Trump’s policies, nominees, and corrupt efforts to undermine our democracy make his seat ripe for the taking – especially considering that Gardner only won his last election by fewer than 40,000 votes (just 2 percent).

IOWA: Trump Republican Joni Ernst, who ran for Senate as an extreme right-wing darling of the Tea Party, has supported Trump’s agenda of hate and division at every turn – despite being from a state that went for President Obama twice.

While Iowa’s support for Trump in 2016 and Ernst’s incumbency give her a natural advantage heading into the election, Democrats flipped two GOP-held congressional seats in Iowa in the midterms and Trump’s approval ratings have tanked as his trade policies have put a pinch on farmers in the state.

NORTH CAROLINA: Thom Tillis is the Koch brothers’ favorite senator. Along with other right-wing corporate Big Money powerhouses, they’ve invested heavily in Tillis since he was a state lawmaker. In the U.S. Senate, Tillis has joined his fellow Republican senators in marching in lockstep to advance the extreme Trump-McConnell agenda on the federal judiciary and in every other area. President Obama carried North Carolina in 2008 and the state is showing some positive trends for Democrats.


IMPORTANT: We’re also looking at potential Senate pickups in Georgia, Alaska, Montana, and KENTUCKY — yes, that’s right! Kentucky — where Mitch McConnell’s own race for re-election is shaping up to be competitive … and even though it’s a longshot, Lindsey Graham is also up for reelection in South Carolina and there’s no reason we shouldn’t try to make his life difficult (and be in position to defeat him should the winds blow hard enough in the right direction).

We’ll be mobilizing the progressive vote in these states in so many ways, including new and innovative, data-driven, targeted approaches to reaching the key voters needed to win these elections.

We’re running ads, mailers, and more to reach Latino voters. We’re working to turn out young voters. And we’ll work to build an army of progressive volunteers to be the largest grassroots movement of active volunteers in any election in history.

But every voter conversation and communication costs money – whether they are happening through door-knocking, phone calls, text messages, letters and post cards, paid ads, or social media.

It’s not too late to become a member of our 2020 Take Back the Senate Fund! Donate now to super-charge our efforts to unseat these and other Trump Republicans!>>

Thank you for all you do!


Click here to donate to PFAW’s Take Back the Senate Fund.

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