GA-07, OH-03, NY-03, 15, AZ-01, MO-01, WA-06, MA-08 & 04: Matriarch PAC Expands Our Dem Majority

Received this e-mail from the group, Matriarch PAC, in support of these female Democratic candidates:

When each of our Matriarch candidates decided to courageously enter the arena and run for Congress, they knew it would be a battle. But nobody could have anticipated the challenges of running a grassroots campaign during a global pandemic.

Matriarch originated to help working class, progressive women running for Congress because they face greater challenges in raising money, getting institutional support, endorsements, media attention and finding experienced staff. We knew Matriarch’s work would be critical this election cycle, with a record number of working class women running for office.

Consider contributing $50 to help us fund a candidate support program like our “fundraising during a down economy” training?

But each of these candidates has been forced to suspend their face-to-face field efforts. And for grassroots races – especially those running against the well-funded corporate, establishment – knocking on doors is one of the most effective  ways to mobilize volunteers and communicate with voters directly.

If they didn’t already have an advantage, the establishment has a leg up now. Campaigns are shifting towards putting their resources into digital, mail and television advertising buys — which can make these campaigns far more expensive. We can only expect more big money to flow into the already well-funded races.

At the same time, our grassroots candidates have faced challenges in raising money, as many small dollar donors who make up their support have been, or will be hit by the looming economic crisis.

This is why our work is more important than we even expected when we launched Matriarch in the fall. At no charge, we help our candidates in ways that high paid consultants would. We are working hard with the candidates to help them as they shift their campaign strategies.

Can you become a monthly contributor of $27 to help us support our 2020 Matriarch class of candidates?

As many of our candidates shift strategies, they are more reliant on volunteers helping from home! Below you’ll find a directory of resources on how to become a virtual volunteer for each of our candidates! Make sure to let them know you found their campaign through Matriarch!

Stay safe, healthy and optimistic!

In solidarity,

The Matriarch team

Click the links above to volunteer to get out the vote for the Democrats listed above.

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