Trump and his cabal attempt to create a Biden narrative that makes him an old-man neither physically nor mentally fit to be president. Really?

Who is fit after all?

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Remember this from Trump?

On Twitter and in public remarks, Mr. Trump, 73, and his allies repeatedly have questioned Mr. Biden’s mental fitness, with the president dubbing him “Sleepy Joe” and aides spotlighting any verbal gaffes or missteps. On Tuesday, Mr. Trump tweeted: “We will win against a tired, exhausted man, Sleepy Joe Biden, in November.”



p style=”text-align:start”>Poetic justice is a very defining thing. Donald Trump has shown his mental deficit by not understanding that given his behavior he could get COVID. Did he not understand that even with everyone around him being tested, if a product has a 30 to 50% false negative, over time he would be around an infected person.

So as we have always known, he is neither logical nor intellectual. He is paying the price now. The funny thing is his behavior post-release from Walter Reed; he seemed to have entered a new alternate state of reality. Have the steroids further eroded his capacity to think?

The fun video in this post goes to physical fitness. We already know Biden is mentally fit. After all, unlike Trump, he articulates the real reason to wear a mask during the pandemic with the right tone and message.

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