Cramer Heitkamp Kavanugh Rape Senate

From TPM: Republican Running Against Heitkamp Excuses Kavanaugh From Sexual Assault Because…

This is an important story by Cameron Joseph of TPM about the Senate race in North Dakota:  

Top GOP Senate Nominee: Kavanaugh Accusations ‘Absurd’ Because ‘They Were Teenagers,’ Assault ‘Never Went Anywhere’

I recommend that this story gets published far and wide.  The money quote:

“This case is even more absurd because these people were teenagers when this supposed, alleged incident took place. Teenagers. Not a boss, supervisor-subordinate situation as the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill situation was claimed to be,” he said during an appearance on KNOX. “These are teenagers who evidently were drunk according to her own, her own statements. They were drunk when it evidently happened… even by her own accusation. Again, it was supposedly an attempt or something that never went anywhere. So you just have to wonder.”

I’ve never been to North Dakota.  Are the voters there in favor of teenage sexual assault as long as there is no penetration?  Who knew that it was OK to try and rape a girl as long as you are a teenager and don’t have penetration!