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From 538: Debates Raised Warren's Favorability Rating.

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There is an article up at 538 that shows Warren improved her net favoribility rating among Democrats after the two debates.

Warren is popular, de Blasio is underwater

2020 Democratic candidates ranked by their net favorability ratings among Democratic respondents, according to an average of national polls conducted Aug. 1 through Aug. 25

Warren 83% 68% 15% +54
Biden 94 73 21 +52
Sanders 92 72 20 +51
Harris 79 60 20 +40
Buttigieg 63 49 14 +34
Booker 69 50 18 +32
O’Rourke 68 50 19 +31
Castro 56 41 16 +25
Yang 52 37 15 +22
Gillibrand 59 39 20 +18
Klobuchar 53 35 18 +17
Bennet 38 23 15 +8
Gabbard 49 28 21 +7
Bullock 35 21 14 +7
Steyer 40 22 17 +5
Ryan 44 24 21 +3
Delaney 40 20 20 +1
Sestak 27 13 14 -2
Williamson 47 22 26 -4
De Blasio 56 25 31 -6

For the 20 candidates considered “major” by FiveThirtyEight


The data does not mean that Warren is in the lead or the front runner.  This is just looking at each candidates net favorable ratings.  Warren did the best in that category.  Yes, she only did slightly better than Biden, but she wasn’t as well known as Biden.  

And for supporters of the other candidates, it appears most improved their favorables with exposure, except for two candidates:  De Blasio and Williamson.  Sestak didn’t make the first two debates.  I do not feel the least bit sorry for either De Blasio or Williamson.  De Blasio’s run is just plain ego.  He needs to go back to his day job as Mayor of NYC.  Williamson is IMHO a left wing grifter and anti-vaxxer.   

And here is another good graph showing how the debates moved a candidates favorability:


Sorry, this is a little harder to see, but is shows the movement of candidates favorable ratings from May to August of this year.  You can see that Biden has suffered a drop while Warren has gone up.  Yang, Castro, Bullock, Bennet, and Gabbard seemed to have gotten some improvements as well.  What I think is funny is what happened to my favorite Republican with a Democratic label:  John Delaney.  

Remember that CNN appointed Delaney as their centrist foil to Warren and Sanders.  Delaney got lots of debate time to attack the progressives in the race.  And it all backfired.  Seems when Democrats got to know Delaney they didn’t like him.  

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