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Friendly Reminder: We Have A Big Special Election In Pennsylvania On May 18th

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Received this e-mail yesterday from Pennsylvania State House candidate, Mariah Fisher (D. PA-HD 59), on behalf of the of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party:

My name is Mariah Fisher, and I’m the Democrat running against the “Trump House Lady” in a special election. I’m reaching out to ask if you'll chip in $20, or whatever you're able, to keep my opponent in her MAGA shrine while I go to Harrisburg to fight for our communities.

Here's who we’re up against. Please donate to help me beat her! →

The choice in this election is clear. I am an experienced borough councilwoman with plans to expand rural broadband access, improve our schools, and protect PA's scenic beauty. My opponent's only “experience” is putting up huge Trump signs. Her only agenda is spreading the Big Lie.

Even in this traditionally red district, that's a matchup I know we can win.

It’s my earnest belief that, regardless of party, most voters care far more about their health, bills, and children’s future than they do about trumped up conspiracies. They’ll choose a pragmatic public servant with plans to help over a MAGA fanatic with plans to divide.

That's why the PA Democratic Party and I are working non-stop to share our message and my agenda with every voter in this district! It’s surprisingly expensive work, though.

Can you please split a $20 donation between my campaign and the PA Democrats? We’re saving up for issue-based mailers and yard signs to spread our message far-and-wide across Southwest PA.

Thank you,
Mariah Fisher
Democrat for State Representative

The special election is May 18th. Click here to donate to Fisher’s campaign and the Pennsylvania Democratic Party.

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