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French fishermen blockade Jersey. Boris Johnson is not Lord Nelson.

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Because of new post-Brexit rules, a marine boundary dispute required the UK to dispatch two naval vessels to deal with a blockade of French fishing boats off the main port of the island of Jersey. Not exactly the Falklands crisis of 1770, or the Anglo-Vichy war of 1940-42, but there was an idle French threat to turn off the electricity to the island of Jersey. Both sides now have naval vessels on station and the rest seems to be paperwork, aside from a minor collision between fishing boats. These are the increased costs of Brexit.



Fortunately, Jersey’s easier to invade than Guernsey, simply because there’s less Nazi fortifications.


Royal Navy patrol boats in Jersey are preparing to return to port as the island's government said it had a “constructive meeting” with French fishermen on the dispute over post-Brexit fishing rights.

But in a recent statement, the French government continued to accuse the British government of failing to abide by the terms of the Brexit trade deal.

The European Union (EU) also complained to Britain earlier on Thursday that the terms of its post-Brexit trade deal were being ignored.

The European Commission said French fishing boats were facing “additional conditions” if they were to carry on operating, in breach of the terms of the agreement hammered out on Christmas Eve.

French patrol vessels and Royal Navy boats were despatched earlier on Thursday to Jersey after dozens of French fishing boats protested in waters off the island's capital, St Helier. Downing Street said the boats were to “monitor the situation as a precautionary measure”.

At lunchtime, the protesting vessels headed back to France.…




About 95% of the island's electricity comes from France via undersea cables.

A UK government spokesman said they were working with the EU and Jersey.

“To threaten Jersey like this is clearly unacceptable and disproportionate,” the spokesman said.

“We are working closely with the EU and Jersey on fisheries access provisions following the end of the transition period so trust the French will use the mechanisms of our new treaty to solve problems.”…

And in the US, there are issues with private planes keeping homeless hidden. Some Californians don’t want to have to look at the homeless, even if they have airplanes. Darn these boundaries.




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