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Frank Bruni's Mea Culpa on the Lincoln Project. Ha Ha.

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I know many don’t read Bruni’s column in the NYT, often for good reason, but sometimes it is worthwhile.

Some here didn’t appreciate my comments on the Lincoln Project for varying reasons such as “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, I replied I don’t believe that crap. I say that you always have to look at the people and their intentions first, then decide.

Anyway back to Bruni’s comment

It’s unraveling because one of its founders, John Weaver, was using his position to proposition young men. It’s unraveling because peers of his in the organization apparently sat on complaints about that, too pumped up by their currency as Trump slayers to let accusations against Weaver impede their mission and kill their buzz.

It’s unraveling because it can no longer hide what a financial boondoggle it was for some of its central players, who spoke of principle while lining their pockets. Yes, they made dynamite ads and an eloquent case about Trump’s betrayal of America. Their firms also made money from the hero status that they were accorded by Trump haters the world over.

He then comes to this mea culpa.

But I cast them as patriots who knew that they’d never get their party back and had consigned themselves to that. “They’re not fighting to come in from the wilderness,” I wrote. “The wilderness is a given. They’re just fighting to get rid of this one sun-hogging, diseased redwood — or orangewood, as the case may be.”

I didn’t get into the ugliness in some founders’ past

Ha, bloody ha. [Highlighting mine btw].

This is why I read people who tend to write stuff I disagree with.

OK, I can be a snarky bitch at times as many here will attest, but let me have this one.

I do hope not too many donated to these republicans because they are really just your ordinary real republicans, full of piss and hate coupled with grift.

I did enjoy a few of their videos, it was nice seeing someone else the target rather than people like myself whom they hate equally btw.

I’ll leave it at that.

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