Fox News, the platform that will get you killed

Laura Ingraham falsely claims that the death rate is ten times less than what it was likely to be. She believes California should get all of its people back to work.

Former Secretary of Education who should know better claims that COVID-19 will likely kill fewer people than the Flu. He is wrong.

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) want to fully open the economy. He acknowledges that the infection would spread.

“The coronavirus is going to spread faster,” Kennedy said. “And we gotta be ready for it.”

Granted this Senator is from a party who does not believe in Medicare for All nor do they want to fund hospitals now as this pandemic grows.

My strongest ire goes to Dr. Phil. He claims automobile crashes, pool drownings, and cigarette smoking kills a lot of people as well. He said we do not shut down the countries for those deaths. Dr. Phil should know better. Those activities generally are choices. One gets infected from entering a zone they do not necessarily know is infected. It is misleading to create any kind of similarity.

All of this follows the likes of Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan Patrick and Radio Show Host Glenn Beck implying older people are willing to die to keep a revved-up economy. As well, Dr. Oz in a rather unfeeling callous statement disregarded the number of deaths that would occur if we simply sent people back to work quickly.

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