Fox News Poll: Biden Winning PA by 7%, NV by 11%, and OH by 5%……

Fox News Poll just came out with some great numbers for Joe Biden. All at 50%+ and very few undecideds. 

                                     Biden                              Trump                    Others

Ohio                               50%                                45%                             2%

Pennsylvania                 51%                               44%                              2%

Nevada                           52%                               41%                              3%

Fox News Poll is rated as A- by 538. The surveys were taken September 20-23 from likely voters.…

In each of the three states, majorities disapprove of the job Trump is doing as president, pluralities say coronavirus is “not at all” under control, and Biden is the preferred choice when it comes to handling the virus. Plus, he’s favored over Trump to nominate the next U.S. Supreme Court justice.  

In Pennsylvania, Trump is winning by ”4 points among men, 6 points among White voters, 17 points among Whites without a college degree, and 8 points among rural voters.

Biden is favored by nonwhites (+74 points), women (+17), seniors (+8), union households (+6), and suburban voters (+5).  His advantage climbs to 18 points among suburban women.”