Fox News' Peter Doocy tries to corner Jen Psaki on inflation and gets schooled in economics.

Fox News’ Peter Doocy continues to challenge Jen Psaki. She used his disingenuous question on inflation to school him in economics.

Jen Psaki schools Peter Doocy again. Now on inflation.

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It has been evident that anytime any representative from the Fox News Media queries the Biden administration or any Democratic administration for that matter, they intend to malign or undermine it. Under unskilled spokespersons, that technique would work. Because the Biden administration has the truth on their side and a spokesperson who is not only likable but competent and quick-thinking, their method to backfire.

The following exchange shows a petty reporter, Peter Doocy, trying to embarrass the Biden administration. But the always ready Jen Psaki gave schooled him in the economics of our current condition.

Peter Doocy: We just heard you say again that you think inflation is going to be temporary. We’ve heard you say that it was going to be temporary since last spring. So how long do you guys think temporary is?

Jen Psaki: Well, again, Peter, I think what we do is we rely on the assessments of the Federal Reserve and of outside economic analysts who give an assessment of how long or less the expectations and their assessment at this point continues to be that it will moderate by the end of the year. There’s also no question that when a foreign dictator invades a foreign country and when that foreign dictator is the head of a country that is the third-largest supplier of oil in the world, that is going to have an impact.

Peter Doocy: So to that point, inflation goes up today. The president’s statement blames the Putin price hike. Are you guys just going to start blaming Putin for everything until the midterms?

Jen Psaki: Well, we’ve seen the price of gas go up at least $0.75 since President Putin lined up troops on the border of Ukraine.

Peter Doocy: And last month, the statement didn’t mention the Putin price hike. It mentioned inflation because of the pandemic. Why is that?

Jen Psaki: Well, Peter, last year, last two years, there was a global pandemic. Everyone who are global economists have all agreed that that has been the biggest contributor to date of inflation because of the impact on the supply chain. Obviously, global events impact the economy, the global economy, as well as global inflation. And the price hikes as a result that have escalated over the course of time of President Putin’s further invasion of the impact on the global markets are, of course, having an impact.

Peter continues to attempt to undermine the Biden administration by trying to trip up the press secretary. Unfortunately for him, he allows her to make the administration’s case, leading to a better understanding of the issue. In other words, the effects of his undermining backfire entirely every time.

One should never fear engaging with demagogues or the purveyors of misinformation. We must use them as a bridge to educate those who follow them. We must turn the misinformers into conduits to reach those we can add to our fold.

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  • March 13, 2022
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