Fox News late to the truth, Tim Ward discusses plan to put truth into politics, GA GOP guy blows!

Tim Ward, journalist/author, discusses putting the truth back into politics. Fox News says what now? GOP guy in Georgia could take it no more.

Tim Ward moving to political truths.

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  • Georgia Secretary of State official Gabriel Sterling slams Trump & Georgia Senator for not calling out threats by their sycophants on the 2020 election employees.
  • Fox News finally tells the truth after their lying complicity killed 270,000+ dead Americans.
  • New Data Show Income of Top 0.1% Soared 345% While That of Bottom 90% Stagnated Over Past 40 Years.
  • Tim Ward,  co-author of Pro-Truth: a Practical Plan for Putting Truth Back into Politics and a board member of the, joins us to discuss putting truth back into politics.

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