Fox News host: Mueller doesn't know the details of the Mueller report

Fox News could easily replace Brian Kilmeade with a backyard chicken impaled on a mop handle and few would notice. But that would be cruel, and I certainly don’t endorse it. 

In fact, as a vegan animal rights advocate, I’m more than happy to let the cruelty be beamed over the teevee box in my general direction. But this is a huge sacrifice, chickens. Just so you know.

So, yeah, on Fox & Friends this morning, Kilmeade said something monumentally stupid. It’s all just part of his and Ainsley Earhardt’s perpetual race to the bottom.

Via Media Matters:

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): ​One thing is pretty clear. They​'re going to ​ask Robert Mueller, too​,​ ​h​ow did it make you feel when ​Donald Trump — ​president of the ​U​nited States said that you're compromised​,​ or how did it make you feel when the president of the ​U​nited States kept attacking the process? What did you think about the rumors​ that​ he was going to fire you? ​And I'm not sure he​'​s going to answer that either. The other thing I have a sense of​,​ he​'​s​ got​ until July 17 to bone up on it. I don't think he knows the details of the report. ​I don't think — he was like –​

​STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): He​'d​ better​,​ his name​'​s on it.

​KILMEADE: ​But ​he's like the king of England​ on this​. He assigns the people​, they're going to say​ why are most of them ​D​emocratically affiliated. Aren't you concerned about ​the perception if you hire people like ​that​ to do this job?​ Do you feel why some feel there was an agenda in there? 

He’s like the king of England? Because he hired an investigative team to investigate stuff?

I knew the Trumpies would freak out over the news that Mueller has agreed to testify before Congress, but does their fit of pique have to completely sweep their IQs off the lefthand side of the bell curve?

Apparently so.

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