Fox News Doocy gave Jen Psaki a twofer: She taught him geography & ridiculed his Fox News chyron

Fox News Doocy gave Jen Psaki a twofer: She taught him geography & ridiculed his Fox News chyron

Peter Doocy keeps trying to stump Jen Psaki, and he continues to come up short on the gotchas as she continues to clean his clock.

Jen Psaki schools Fox News Peter Doocy once again.

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Fox News Peter Doocy thought he would take Jen Psaki off-kilter, but instead, she used it as a sort of ridicule of both Fox News and Doocy.

“I just heard you describe the infrastructure negotiations as the art of seeking common ground,” Doocy said. “At some point, does that become the art of the deal?”

And here starts the ridicule where she throws it back with a sting.

“I don’t know,” Psaki responded. “You are the professional here, Peter. You are the TV star. What is the Fox chyron going to be?”

Now she has him off-kilter.

“The art of seeking common ground does take up a lot of characters,” He actually responds. “I will talk to the control room.”

“It does, it does,” Psaki responded playfully. “The art of the deal. We would be OK with that.:

He bites.

“The art of the deal,” Doocy said. “That would be the headline.”

Then Psaki gets him where she wants him.

“Well, there you go,” Psaki responds with the correction. “The art of a different kind of deal. A deal for the working people.”

Doocy later asked about planes landing in Tennessee with immigrant children even though the governor said he does not want them there. She schooled him in geography, pointing out that it is a transition point many times because of the state’s location. Listen to the entire interchange as she included some meat about the administration making sure the kids are well cared for.

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  • May 21, 2021