Fox News cuts away from Mike Lee's impassioned criticism of Trump administration briefing

Do not question Dear Leader, you plebeian cur!


Constitution. War powers. Alexander Hamilton. 

Zzzzzzzzzzzz …

No one cares about any of that egghead shit! We need more time to squeeze in a few extra Trump lies! Can we repeat the bit about the Obama administration giving $150 billion to Iran? Or the lie about the Iran nuclear deal expiring soon anyway? Or the misleading crap about how we’re now the world’s No. 1 producer of oil and natural gas — uh, like we have been since 2012?

Who wants to hear about Alexander Hamilton and the Constitution when there’s so much pro-Trump propaganda to plow through? Fox is only on the air for 24 hours a day, after all. You can’t cover every fool thing a senator says.

But, for the record, here’s more of Lee’s silly diatribe about the so-called “Constitution” and Congress’ co-equal “role” in “government.” 

“They’re appearing before a co-equal branch of government responsible for their funding, for their confirmation, for any approval of any military action they might undertake. They had to leave after 75 minutes, while they were in the process of telling us that we need to be good little boys and girls and run along and not debate this in public. I find that absolutely insane. I think it's unacceptable.”


Priorities, people!

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