Fox News asks Jen Psaki about President Biden's outrageous disregard for Dr. Seuss

Not sure where to slot this among the growing list of Fox News pseudo-scandals. Is this glaring omission worse than Barack Obama’s tan suit? That hardly seems possible. The tan suit affair nearly ended us. Our enemies saw our commander in chief arrayed in fine raiments of effete ecru and the gates of hell were flung wide open. Our national credibility was tarnished—one might even say tan-suited—for all eternity.

But that was then. After witnessing the stalwart, uber-patriotic leadership of Donald John Trump—who only launched one full-on insurrection attempt during his entire four-year term—we’re forced to endure this disgrace.

Are you ready?

Joe Biden didn’t mention Dr. Seuss in his statement on Read Across America Day. 

  • March 2, 2021