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Fox & Friends deletes tweet bragging about Trump's crappy approval rating

One day, Brian Kilmeade will donate his brain to science. And soon after that, you’ll be able to buy it on Craigslist for 35 cents and a pouch of magic beans. And then, God willing, you’ll be able to find out exactly which Tinker Toy has been lodged in his occipital lobe since 1968.

Until then, you’ll just have to wonder along with the rest of us what the fuck is wrong with the guy.

Maybe that’s irrelevant to this story, which is, after all, about Fox & Friends’ Twitter account — which Kilmeade likely has very little to do with because it’s handled by someone who is by definition deemed too soft-brained to immediately step in and take Kilmeade’s job — a job that could be credibly filled by the next warmblooded vertebrate to crawl up your pants leg.

So anyway, earlier today, this happened:

Fox & Friends tweeted on Tuesday morning about President Donald Trump’s “soaring” approval rating of 41 percent. The post was ridiculed so much that it was taken down after being online for just one hour.

“President Trump’s approval rating soars – up 5 points from September,” the post read, citing a recently released CNN poll.

The survey shows that Trump’s approval rating climbed to 41 percent, compared to 36 percent in early September. Fifty-two percent of those polled disapprove of the president’s job, a slight decrease from the 58 percent who disapproved of his performance last month.

Even after increasing several points, Trump’s 41 percent approval rating is still historically low for a president at this point in their leadership. Trump is the only commander-in-chief in modern history to have a disapproval rating about 50 percent over 600 days into his first term, according to FiveThirtyEight’s polling data.

Now when you try to click on the tweet — or look into Kilmeade’s dull, lifeless eyes — you see this:


… because 41 percent? Well, it ain’t good. In fact, it’s lower than it was just two months ago.

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But, you know, when you’re a 24-hour propaganda channel, you look for the blooming rose in every dung heap you see. Alas, sometimes it’s just not there.


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