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Fox, after confirming #LoserSuckergate, tries cleanup. Mayor Pete stopped them.

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I rescind my belief that Democratic politicians shouldn’t go on Fox under any circumstances. Mayor Pete forced their brainwashed viewers to confront reality. Most rightwing outlets have decided to just completely ignore this latest Trump scandal, where he called fallen soldiers “losers” and “suckers,” and instead focus on Nancy Pelosi’s hairdresser. Faux News desperately wanted to run this playbook as well, but the problem is that Fox’s own National Security correspondent confirmed the story on air. (WHOOPS!)   

There is now no way they can’t talk about it without that becoming it’s own story of Fox’s bias, which they hate. So instead, the GOP’s media network is trying to spin it. I’ve never seen a network try so hard to discredit their own reporting. On most of their shows, the Fox bobbleheads were having circle-jerk discussions with themselves lamenting how anyone could dare accuse Trump of something he does all the time. Geraldo Rivera was particularly upset over the  “anguish” of the president being accused by his own aides of insulting veterans.  The problem is that Pete Buttigieg went on Fox to discuss Trump’s remarks. He is a military veteran and quite the speaker, and Fox only has D-list anchors to go toe-to-toe. The anchor tried to counter Pete using the words of…Sarah Huckabee Sanders. It did not go well.


If you want to see the whole clip, here it is:


BTW, if you want an itemized list of Huckabee Sander’s lies, have at it. She even had to admit to Mueller that she lied. I think multiple sources and confirmations from the AP, the Washington Post, and yes, even Fox, are more credible than Huckabee Sanders. Or, as Pete says, you could just believe your own eyes and ears. 

Recall just a few years ago, in trying to diss McCain, Trump said he “didn’t like people who were captured.”  He said, on video, that McCain was a loser because he was taken by the Viet Cong. That was an insult to every single American POW, and I remember thinking that should have ended his campaign.  But it didn’t. Nothing did. Insulting women, the disabled, and even POWs wasn’t enough. BTW, Trump said the exact same thing in 1999 when he was competing with McCain while running on the Reform Party ticket. 

If pissing on McCain and the POW-MIA black flag wasn’t enough, Trump has a long history of disdain for the military:

By the way, I remember back in 2018 when Trump said he couldn’t go to that cemetery because it was raining.  It was actually just a light drizzle, and every other world leader managed to make it without issue, but Trump really didn’t want to get wet. He hates his hair getting wet, unless he’s playing golf.

It was an insult back then, and Winston Churchill’s grandson made fun of him.  So did Jimmy Fallon, who contrasted the difference with one Barack Obama. It was just an embarrassing story for Trump back then, but this latest revelation makes it much darker. 

So our president protects Russian soldiers and insults American soldiers. He is awful. He is unfit. He is a traitor. And he needs to go.



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