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Former WH aide who said John McCain is 'dying anyway' joins pro-Trump PAC

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Well, Trump has gone out of his way to repeatedly mock a long-dead John McCain, so why should this matter? (Remember when stuff mattered? Back in the before-times? Those were the days.)


Kelly Sadler, the former White House aide who was let go after she mocked the late Sen. John McCain, is joining the pro-Trump super PAC America First Action to handle communications, CNN has learned. She is expected to start Monday.

“I'm really excited to do everything in my power to help reelect the President of the United States, by joining the great team at America First,” Sadler said in a statement to CNN. “The President is solving the problems the American people elected him to do, and I can't wait to help him win another four years in office, so he can achieve even more.”
Sadler quietly parted ways with the White House last summer after it became public that she remarked during a communications meeting that the Arizona senator's opposition to Gina Haspel being nominated as CIA director didn't matter because he was “dying anyway.”


And what problems is he solving, exactly? The ongoing crisis of my being able to keep my breakfast down? Because last I checked he inherited a thriving economy that he’s done everything in his power to wreck.

And, naturally, Sadler is handling communications … because she has a lot to say, apparently. 

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