Former U.S. Senator Russ Feingold (D. WI) Refuses To Let Trump Win Wisconsin Again In 2020

Received this e-mail from former U.S. Senator Russ Feingold (D. WI):

A hyper-partisan Republican judge in Wisconsin just ordered the state to suppress more than 200,000 voters. Mere weeks later, a top Trump advisor said, “Traditionally, it’s always been Republicans suppressing votes” — then he promised “it’s going to be a much bigger program in 2020.”

And here’s why Republicans are so scared of Wisconsin voters, from the latest Marquette Law School poll:

Even with everything that’s happened, Wisconsin is poised to come down to the wire in next year’s presidential election. It’s so important that Democrats are planning to hold their convention in Milwaukee. And right now, Wisconsin is where Republicans are focusing a vigorous, last-ditch voter suppression effort.

But Wisconsin Democrats have already been organizing in communities large and small throughout the state to get more people registered and more people fired up about voting.

Wisconsin Democrats have a plan to build progressive victories up and down the ballot, and volunteers are already stepping up to execute it — they just need the resources to expand.

Contribute $3 or more now to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin to help progressives engage more voters in the most important tipping point state for 2020.

Since I last wrote about the Wisconsin Democrats, local volunteers have knocked on thousands of doors across the state, building an unprecedented foundation of activist networks in the state. And Democrats wouldn’t be able to organize this work without financial support from progressives like you.

But Trump and the Republicans are pouring millions into Wisconsin, and they’re not trying to win fair and square. They’re undermining Wisconsin’s democratic legitimacy every way they can, and it’s only going to get worse.

We have to step up now, while there’s time to build out the infrastructure to make sure Wisconsin voters get a fair voice.

Contribute $3 or more now to help the Democratic Party of Wisconsin continue to build a strong grassroots foundation for the 2020 election and beyond.

Democrats in Wisconsin are building something big, strategic, and incredibly important. Few states are doing something this sophisticated. And few states have more on the line.

Wishing you and your family a happy end to 2019 and a terrific year ahead,

Russ Feingold

Click here to donate to the Wisconsin Democratic Party.

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