Received this e-mail today from former Ambassador to the Unite Nations, Susan Rice, in support of former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign:

I’m fed up with Donald Trump turning our government into a reality TV show, and weakening our democratic institutions at every turn. If you are too, will you donate $17 right now to Joe Biden’s campaign before his end-of-month deadline?

Look, we are in a moment where our democracy is at stake. Our leadership role in the world is at stake. The lives of tens of thousands of Americans are on the line.

It’s all been lost to incompetence and callous leadership that could care less. We’ve got to change that.

But, beating Donald Trump this November will take a bigger campaign investment than ever before — and that’s why I’m asking you to chip in $17 to help my friend Joe Biden.

I know we can fix the mess that Donald Trump has created in these four years, but it will take someone with the patriotism, grit, determination, and the experience to get things done, and we all know that’s exactly who Joe Biden is.

There's so much on the line. If you're able, please give what you can before Joe’s end-of-month fundraising deadline.

And this election isn’t just about replacing a failed president who puts his politics over the American people, and strikes up love affairs with foreign adversaries.

It’s about electing a president who our children can look up to, and who can unite this country after four years of nothing but division. It’s why we need Joe Biden.

When I served as National Security Advisor, there was no one kinder, more empathetic and caring than Joe Biden. I saw it nearly every day when he served alongside President Obama in the Oval Office. I felt his compassion first-hand when my mother passed away.

I know he will lead our country with the same deep compassion and decency he has shown his whole life — but we have to win this election first, and no matter what the polls say, it’s not going to be easy.

So I’m asking you from the bottom of my heart. Can you chip in $17 or whatever you can afford to elect Joe Biden?

Thank you. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get this done.

Susan Rice
24th U.S. National Security Advisor

Click here to donate to Biden’s campaign.

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