Former Trump supporter now supporting Bernie because of healthcare

While canvassing at a Latino Super Market in Las Vegas Nevada, I spoke to a Trump supporter who has cancer and could not afford his meds. It is interesting how people's minds work.

Former Trump supporter no more.

While off-camera, he did not want me recording at first, the man gave a strong defense of Trump even as he sat there begging for money. He was not voting against his own interest because of any of the isms. He was voting against his own interest out of ignorance based on the sources he trusted.

As we spoke I saw when he started to trust my words because I made him talk. I asked questions he answered and then I gently civilly rebutted not with statements but with leading questions he then answered in opposition to what he originally thought about healthcare policy.

When I saw where the conversation was going I asked him a second time to allow me to record because his statements could help a lot of people make the right choices. He obliged.

One can see him initially fight with himself as he came to a conclusion that was more beneficial to his personal economy and his health. It is a struggle. It is like fighting a chronic disease but we must do it.

  • February 25, 2020