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Former Trump casino exec: Trump made racist remarks all the time

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The only thing Donald Trump likes more than claiming he’s not a racist is being a horrible fucking racist. 

If took over the Children’s Television Workshop (or vice versa), the Muppet they’d shit out in a seedy Sesame Street back alley would be Donald J. Trump.

Somewhat overlooked in the miasma of fucknuttery that was Trump’s press conference yesterday was this comment: “I’ve never used racist remarks.”

If he’d said “I’ve never used email” or “I’ve never used a napkin,” yeah, I’d totally believe that. But the guy who called for the execution of five innocent black kids and stoked the birther idiocy for years just doesn’t seem like a viable candidate for an NAACP Image Award. Call me crazy.

Also, some of the people who know him best flatly contradict this horse shit.

Last week it was Michael Cohen, who said Trump regularly made racist comments in his presence.

And now former Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino president Jack O’Donnell, author of Trumped! The Inside Story of the Real Donald Trump His Cunning Rise and Spectacular Fall, is calling the pr*sident on his lies.

In a column yesterday for Politico, O’Donnell plainly stated that Trump doesn’t like black people:

I know the real Trump better than most. For 3½ years, I worked in almost daily contact with him at the highest levels of the Atlantic City casino empire over which he once held sway. I saw him treat black people and minorities as inferior. I heard him say vulgar, bigoted things and I rebuked him for them. But he did not quit. Indeed, he has continued it to this day.

O’Donnell recounts one of Trump’s earliest forays into racism — when the young real estate developer and his father were sued for discriminating against minorities in their rental properties:

As Donald saw it, and I remember him voicing a version of this idea within the inner circle of his executives on several occasions: “Blacks don’t want to live with whites, so why isn’t it OK for whites not to want to live with blacks?” 

And not only was Trump racist, he was a horrible businessman who apparently didn’t want African-American people’s money:

I recall one busy Saturday night, walking the casino floor with him, when he saw what he considered an inordinate number of black customers. “It’s looking a little dark in here,” he calmly stated. It was his way of telling me to limit our charter bus programs in urban neighborhoods. 

But he’s not one to discriminate — oh, no. He hates all people of color. Hurricane Maria survivors might want to pay special attention to this one:

Sometimes his petty prejudices begat very public tirades. One day, he flew into a rage over a limousine driver who arrived to pick him up wearing gray shoes, soiling his image by “looking like a f—— Puerto Rican.”

And then there was this famous case, wherein Trump essentially claimed that black people can’t be accountants:

In 1988, shortly after I was promoted to president of Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino, he invited me up to New York for lunch. There was a lot to talk over one issue in particular: one of our senior managers, who happened to be African-American. Donald considered him incompetent and wanted him fired. When I acknowledged some shortcomings in the man’s performance, he instantly became enthused. “Yeah, I never liked the guy,” he said. “And isn’t it funny, I’ve got black accountants at Trump Castle and Trump Plaza. Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day.”

And then he made his famous quip about laziness being a trait in blacks and … sigh … you know the rest.

O’Donnell’s column (which is worth a full read) ticks off some of Trump’s other greatest hits, like his skepticism that a Mexican (actually American) judge could fairly preside over the Trump University case, his insistence that all of Africa is a “shithole,” and the obtuseness and obstinance he showed when he refused to unequivocally condemn Nazis — which is basically the political equivalent of recoiling at the sight of babies.

O’Donnell ends his essay with this:

On Wednesday, PBS “NewsHour” reporter Yamiche Alcindor, asked Trump about whether his self-description as a “nationalist” emboldened white supremacists. Trump shot back: “I’m not a racist. Your question is racist.”

My experience tells me different.

I’ve got news for you, Jack. Our experience tells us the same.


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