Former top Trump Org exec on company's longtime controller: 'He's going to talk'

Why isn’t this guy in prison yet? Is it because he’s rich and white? Or because he behaves like a drug-addled mob boss?

Getting to Donald Trump has always seemed a bit like nailing orange Jell-O to a wall. (Yes, I know that simile brutally defames orange Jell-O, which is marginally less orange and vastly less viscous than the gelatinous boob who reigned over MAGAland the past four years.)

That said, things seem to be slowly moving on the “Trump is going down” front over the past several weeks. Whether this comes to anything remains to be seen. I won’t hold my breath, unless Trump happens to slither into my study for his biannual rind molting. (I hear there’s a musk involved that’s unnervingly sulfuric and otherworldly.)

So while I’m skeptical, headlines like “The walls are closing in on Trump, for real this time” are bound to pique my interest. Because I so, so, so want this disgrace to warmblooded vertebrates to slink away—forever.

Norm Eisen and Danya Perry, in The New York Daily News:

According to multiple news reports, the Trump Organization’s longtime controller, Jeffrey McConney, was recently called to testify before the grand jury in the criminal investigation conducted by Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance. This is a significant step, and it portends real and growing criminal risk to Donald J. Trump. Look for the walls to continue to close in the days and weeks ahead, including as other witnesses appear before the sitting grand jury.

McConney’s grand jury appearance makes clear that Trump’s bookkeeping practices — and his interactions with tax authorities, lenders and insurers — now face even more intense scrutiny. According to last year’s reporting, Trump may have avoided income taxes for years. Public reports indicate that prosecutors are investigating whether the Trump Organization artificially increased the value of Trump properties to obtain favorable financing and artificially decreased the value of those same properties to obtain favorable tax treatment. Any personal knowledge of these reported schemes could open Trump up to personal criminal liability.

Okay, that sounds serious. Right? Riiiiight? Can I get an amen? Please?

Okay, so if that’s not going to convince you, maybe this will. Former longtime Trump Organization executive VP Barbara Res, the author of Tower of Lies: What My Eighteen Years of Working With Donald Trump Reveals About Him, spoke with MSNBC’s Ari Melber the other day, and she’s convinced McConney is going to spill his guts (the tastiest bits start at 1:25):

RES: “I don’t know what they have on McConney in his position, I don’t know that he’s a participant in any illegal activity, but you know, it’s so close. You get a call from the DA’s office … you know what they can do. It’s got to be scary; it’s got to be scary for him, so he’s going to talk.”

Of course, if they get McConney to talk—whether or not he himself can be implicated in any crimes—that brings us closer to the big white supremacist whale himself.

The New York Daily News again:

Who better than the company’s controller, Weisselberg’s close colleague, to develop the case against the CFO? And who better than the CFO to develop the case against the CEO, Trump himself? Prosecutors often pick off the low-hanging fruit and try to “flip” lower-level targets against higher-level ones. McConney’s grand jury testimony could be the first domino to fall.

You mean the dominoes that fall won’t be one blue state after another throwing out their legitimate election results? It will be longtime employees of the Trump Organization, whose testimony could culminate in the long-overdue defenestration of King Dipshit himself?

I can only hope. Either way, it’s always fun to see that big tub of goo jiggle and squirm. And the bonus here is that an eventual conviction may just come in time to save our democracy.

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  • June 10, 2021